Steve and Carima Salameh

Steve Salameh - Owner

Steve Salameh has worked with some of Chicago's most influential and passionate industry professionals since coming to Chicago by way of his formal education in England. Steve's great love of food, beverage, friends and service has led him to work with some of Chicago's most prolific and ardent industry professionals over the last 35 years. He believes that joy and happiness can be true byproducts of the food you have and the libations you imbibe. As a restauranteur, Steve is dedicated to the idea that being a part of someone's life for the moments of enjoyment had over great food and service can bring people together in the most fundamental of ways. He is a proud founder and a cornerstone in Port & Park.

Carima Hareas Salameh - Owner

Carima Hareas Salameh is the smile of Port & Park. In the restaurant business since she was 14 years old and a world traveler, when she's not in the restaurant singing happy birthday to a customer or passing toys to little ones, she is organizing a group trip to Italy or France. She is there with her customers whether in the restaurant or in the Louvre Art Museum in Paris every step of the way. She is also very aware of the importance of great food and service and makes sure everyone is leaving with a smile on their face.